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Original Brood Pair

In the early spring of 1997, a friend of mine went to the USA in search for an outstanding Oriental gamefowl blood. According to him, his old proven Oriental warriors seems deteriorating as he is getting hammered sometimes by his inferior foes a few years back. So, he finally decided to look for a new Oriental blood to infuse them to his old lines.

Luckily, he found a breeder whose reputation was so good that he decided to acquire a trio from him. But it turned out that the breeder won’t part any of his Oriental chickens for the reason that he might be fighting his own chickens some day.

My friend insisted that he can’t be a problem since he lives in a different country. For this reason, it would not be possible that in the near future these same family of chickens will be fighting against him.

After so much conversation, the breeder decided to let go a trio of his well kept Oriental champions but only if he can afford to pay the price of US$2,500. The poor guy has no choice but to pay it without doubt as he wanted them so much these formidable family of Oriental champions.

In our place today, the naked heel enthusiast called him “the champ” because he is unbeatable again in the naked heel.

To make the story short, I acquired my Oriental pair from my friend as a gift. Although my hobby was not in the naked heel, I did not hesitate to accept them as I've learned that it's great to cross them with the American gamestrain. So, I decided to cross them with my pure breed of YL-Hatch which was acquired also as a gift from another friend. This hatch family has a proven record as it was tested long time ago and people are still using it today.

At present, this cross produces an exceptional fighting ability which I myself can’t believe it. I have fought them so many times with very high win records and most of them are multiple winners. But least to say all competitors have also class-A roosters which they themselves acquired their original trio directly from well-known breeders in the USA.

Although, I haven’t use them in the big league but I’m pretty sure they will find its place on the top position someday. Some of my friends use them on hackfights to "ambush" other cockers who never knew them and besides they are so "pangit" (ugly looking birds)that they get easily matched-up for fighting. Today, I call them the “ORIENTAL HATCH”.